In order to keep the platform freely available to all users registered, please have in mind the following rules when solving challenges:
  • Do not brute force or perform denial of service;

    Most of the challenges are not cpu intensive, meaning that you don’t have to brute force or perform network or vulnerability scanning to solve the challenge; if an automatic scanner didn’t find anything in a few minutes, you should consider aborting this path and try a different angle.

  • Do not share flags;

    Let others solve the challenges and enjoy the satisfaction of gaining new points for real. The environment is for practice and learning, no need for cheating.

  • Do not post hints;

    You can help others in private but we count on you to not share hints in public places such as Discord, Comments and others. If you manage to solve all challenges, drop us a line and let’s see if you can come on the other side of the team and maybe create some challenges for others.

  • Do not attack the platform;

    Although we encourage players to find issues and bugs into our systems, please keep in mind that you shall not start any denial of service attacks. We all depend on a working network and therefore bringing services down doesn’t help anyone in this case.

  • Don't hack any service except on the intended ones.

    However if you succeed to access something you shouldn’t have, don't do any damage and send us a notification to fix the issue.

  • Don't use the machines to perform any malicious activities.

    We will work with any law enforcement if that’s the case and track down the person involved.