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Close the practice gap on CyberEDU

The world needs (a lot) more defenders. To educate and support the next generation of infosec specialists, we’re helping them log valuable practice hours. We built CyberEDU so anyone can practice their offensive and defensive skills in a dedicated arena, no matter their background or skill level.

A free-for-all platform

Enroll in any challenge you want - anytime and with no hidden fees.

Challenges for all levels

Build or tone your cybersecurity muscle with exercises for all difficulty levels.

Explore 100+ challenges used in international infosec competitions

CyberEDU experts created a diverse range of challenges based on real-life scenarios. Learn how to spot vulnerabilities and react to complex situations to gain the confidence to do the same in real-world situations.

Sharpen your skills as a pentester

Use the large variety of web and network application challenges on CyberEDU to become a stronger pentester. Apply what you learn IRL to effectively tackle the threats companies face every day.

Practice to play in the pro league

Go from beginner to infosec professional by logging valuable practice hours. Experiment, try different approaches, and then confidently apply your skills to current demands in the workplace.

What you can do on CyberEDU

We’re working hard to expand and improve the platform, so your feedback and support are invaluable. Because the platform is still in beta, you may stumble onto bugs or imperfect functionalities.

Available 24/7

Practice on your own schedule, wherever you are. CyberEDU is available 24/7, on your chosen device. Just sign up to start!

Good for all skill levels

There’s a huge demand for cybersecurity specialists at every level. You bring the drive, we bring the challenges to get you where you want to go - from beginner to pro and insane levels.

Brain-teasing challenges

Get creative while solving the tasks and capturing the flags! Improve your critical thinking and expand your understanding of how technologies and components work together.

Learn by sharing knowledge

Community is a key driver for infosec excellence. Share your unique approach to solving challenges in the Writeups section and learn from and with others. Want to do more? Drop us a line and become a content creator.

Satisfy your appetite for competition

Learning is always better with some competition, right? Check out the leaderboard to see the most skilled players and get motivated to improve every day. Pros know it’s all in the practice.

Speed up your learning process

Being an infosec specialist is not a 9 to 5 job. Keep your mind sharp and creative with constant training and practice. Filter challenges by type and skill level or based on your preferences.

Meet our partners

They believe in our journey and support our commitment to equip the next generation of infosec specialists with the skills and practical know-how they need!


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